Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. This event and the videos (and bonuses) are organised by Employment Law Services Limited.


  1. Cancellation by you: You may cancel your booking at no cost (and receive a full refund if you have already paid) up to one clear week before the event (so if you are attending a seminar on a Thursday, we must receive your written cancellation by 5pm on the previous Wednesday). If you cancel less than a clear week before the event, the full fee is payable – however, you may transfer the booking to another individual within your firm/organisation at no cost, or receive a credit against the cost of any future MasterClass taking place with 24 months (subject to spaces being available).
  2. Cancellation by us: We have the right to cancel or reschedule this event.  We also have the right to refuse admission to any individual or organisation.  If we cancel or refuse admission, we will give you as much notice as possible, and (if you have paid) will refund your fees in full.  If we reschedule, we will give you a refund if you ask for one within 21 days of being notified of the new date. We are under no further liability if we do cancel or reschedule.

Money Back Guarantee

  1. You may ask for your money back, provided you do so in person during the MasterClass. We will give you a written receipt to confirm you have requested a refund (in case there is any problem later). A full refund will be sent to you within 14 days.


  1. Some of the content of the Employment Law MasterClass and any telephone Q&A sessions consists of overview, tactical advice and generalisations, as well as opinion on the law and off-the-cuff responses to questions. Daniel Barnett disclaims responsibility for any losses flowing from reliance on the content of the MasterClass (or VIP or bonus products) and will not be liable to you either under this contract, or in tort. Employment Law Services Limited limits its liability for any contractual or tortious liability to twice the fee you paid to attend the seminar.


  1. Please pay within 28 days of receipt of invoice. You are responsible for ensuring that we are provided with any necessary purchase order numbers required by your accounts department. It is your responsibility to supply us with any necessary purchase order number. Failure by us to quote a purchase order number on our invoice, if you have not supplied us with one, will not disentitle us to payment.
  2. Any invoices outstanding for more than 3 months will be subject to a £25 aged debt collection charge. Any invoices outstanding for more than 6 months will be subject to a further £25 aged debt collection charge, in addition to any costs of recovery we may incur.

VIP Package

  1. The following terms relate to the VIP package:

8.1     only one or two of the MasterClass sessions will be recorded.  If the session being recorded is not the one you attended, any questions asked in your session will not have been captured on the recording.

8.2     if the recording does not work (eg the video equipment not recording the event properly), and consequently there is no transcript of the session, our liability shall extend only to the amount you paid to upgrade to the VIP package and we shall not be responsible for any consequential loss.

8.3     you will receive a licence to view the recordings yourself and within the firm/organisation which you told us about when booking your place.  You must not distribute access to the recordings outside that firm/organisation, nor permit them to be so distributed.  You may not resell access to the recordings.

8.4     in the unlikely event we run out of stock of the books and cannot reprint more, we may substitute items of similar value at our discretion.

The Videos and Bonuses

  1. Clause 5 (liability) shall also be read so as to cover any liability for losses arising from reliance on the videos of the MasterClass 2019, or any of the bonuses that come with it, with liability limited to twice the fee paid for buying the videos (and bonuses).
  2. Your licence to share the link to the videos with your company, business or organisation. This does not extend to sharing it with your members (if you are an employer's/trade association or a trade union) or with your clients.


  1. One or more of the MasterClass sessions will be recorded. You may appear in the recording if you ask a question, or may be visible in general audience shots. By agreeing to these terms, you consent to appearing in any recording and to the publication thereof. If you attend the MasterClass session which is being filmed and do not want to appear in the recording, please tell us at the outset and we will offer you a full refund and will reimburse any wasted travel or accommodation costs if you do not wish to stay.
  2. We take photographs during the MasterClasses, mainly of the stage, but also some audience shots.  These will be used for promotional purposes.  If you appear in any photographs (other than as part of a crowd scene), and you do not want your image used, please tell us in writing within 24 hours of the event and we will not use it. In order to locate and exclude any images of you, we may need to ask for a photograph of you specifically for identification purposes.
  3. This agreement is covered by English law.



[website terms 1 November 2018.  Amended 29 May 2019.]